Managing digital

Look great with Activia, Activia TM


To organise and subsequently support a nationwide promotional campaign online.

Goal: boosting sales turnover and providing incentives to the target audience’s most loyal representatives.


1) The integration of the promotional campaign into existing online services.

In order to increase the level of engagement and participant loyalty, we chose to integrate the campaign into an existing online platform and service, «14 Days of Lightness», rather than creating a one-off promo page.

For that purpose, the service was supplemented with a promotional code registration function (including integration with an SMS provider), as well as an additional photo contest site.

виглядай чудово

2) Combining BTL and digital mechanics for a more efficient way of achieving our objectives.

To provide a full-fledged solution, the campaign’s mechanics were split into two branches:

1) The BTL branch: register your codes and exchange them for prizes!

*This focused on the least loyal part of consumers and target audience representatives, who usually use products from competitors’ brands.

2) The digital branch (photo contest): upload your photo, earn points and receive a fantastic prize! Codes registered in the BTL branch also carried over to the photo contest – this way, we stimulated sales among the online participants.

*This focused on loyal consumers who want more attention from the brand and are ready to make a greater effort in order to compete for a more valuable prize.


3) Communicating with participants

Contestants could read about brand news and check out details of their participation in the promotional campaign (number of registered codes, prize delivery status, photo contest rating, etc.). This could be done:

  • On their personal profile.
  • By using SMS and e-mail messages.

The feedback function on helped to provide prompt responses to participant questions and substantially reduced workload on the hotline. The response time did not exceed two hours on weekdays.

Activia’s social network pages (Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki) offered weekly drawing results, posted interviews with the winners and provided a site for the participants to share their achievements.


Results (for the 12-week period)

  • Number of visits: 280,000.
  • Returning visitors: 58.6%.
  • Average visit time: 06:08 min.
  • Page depth: 5.79 pages/session.
  • Bounce rate: 35.29%.
  • Over 29,000 registrations.
  • Our experts provided 598 consultations.
  • The participants greeted the beach season with designer accessories, having exchanged the codes for over 4,000 handbags and 9,000 pāreu.
  • The Ukrainian fashion designer Olena Burba created an individual image for 10 lucky contestants.