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The ТМ Bic Beaty Razors Case: Smooth interaction with users on social media


Every day millions of people in the world do that. And we tried to do that along with Bic 🙂
Bic Beauty Razors is a famous French brand of the shaving equipment for women. Nowadays the brand’s brand products are presented in a wide range on the Ukrainian cosmetics market.

In 2016 for Bic it was important to focus on strengthening of own position in social networks as part of the marketing campaign. With such a request the client contacted our agency. We had to work with the young target audience from15 to 25 years old who have already known about the Bic brand. Therefore, the priority task was to build communication with the target audience, in order to strengthen loyalty and the brand image.


Social media are not just the channel of the brand-communication with consumers but the chance to win hearts and minds of the millions of potential customers. And that is the reason why we created the community Bic.Beauty.Razors.Ukraine on Facebook. There we actively engaged with the audience and got maximal feedback to the community: likes, shares, comments, followers, video views.


The representatives of our target audience want to show own femininity and be attractive. They are ready to pay more for the additional functions, colors and ergonomics. But at the same time the price matters. Such an approach means that while interacting with the audience it’s important to take into account both rational and emotional components.

That is why we decided to divide the communication into two parts: rational and emotional. For rational we used the hashtag #alwayswithyou and also two main rubrics, where we showed the USP of the product, its’ benefits, and provided advices regarding shaving. With the help of the emotional component we tried to engage with the audience by using female insights. Plus, we strengthened the communication with the hashtag #colorfullife.


Over the past few years, we have collected statistics on the popularity of various content formats among the female target audience. As you can see, dynamic content today “touches” the audience more than the usual static posts. Therefore, we recommended the client to increase the number of video posts.

However, dynamic content is more expensive. As long as the budget for promotion was constant, we decided to reduce the total number of posts in favor of their quality. We also invested relatively more in the promotion of content than in its development, and did not invest in attracting the followers at all. As a result, we managed to integrate not just dynamic content, but also short videos about daily situations of the brand product consumption.


Since, you can get the engagement with the audience only if the audience sees the content, it was important for us to think over the strategy of the teaser advertising.
For this we decided:

  1. To work with the audience from the age of 15 to the age of 25 and to use behavioral targeting.
  2. To eliminate the use of the teaser ads in the side column. We chose only the display format in the news feed on desktops and mobile platforms. Such formats bring less penetration, but are better noticed by users and receive more feedback.
  3. To promote the content not with the payment for the publication view, but with the payment for the engagement the publication provides.

Such a promotion method was implemented through the advertising Facebook business-account.


Alas, according to the global guides, we did not have the opportunity to conduct frequent competitions in the community, or to use additional mechanics of engaging the audience like “giving bonuses for a comment”. Therefore, we proposed to “tag” their friends in the comments. Example of a post


Most often the engagement rate is used to measure engagement with the audience. However, it does not include several important indicators: the number of views to the video, the clicks on the publication and the engagement with those who are not subscribed to the community. Therefore, we decided to use another rate that is the cost per action (CPA) and the total audience engaged in 28 days. We compared the CPA we got with the performance indicators of other communities and noticed an enormous difference.

  • The number of users engaged per month was 7,000 people while we the planned 4,500.
  • On average one user made 1.3 actions (likes, shares, comments) in the community per month. Usually this number is below one.
  • The number of actions per post amounted to 1,750 while planned 300, and the average coverage was about 110,000. At the same time, the post itself was promoted in order to engage with the audience, rather than to cover.
  • The cost per action was 0.03 cu for the ordinary post, and if to talk about videos it amounted to 0.003 cu.
  • As for dynamic content, it performed better than any other! For example, one of the most successful posts got about 3 214 actions, 178 thousand views, had 238 coverage and more then 3 000 users engaged, what is 10 times higher than the average number!


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