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The Perwoll case: How the bold creativity can increase the penetration of the brand's product category?


Do you know that the usual washing detergent not only washes the stains, but also can spoil the clothes? Before the cooperation with the brand Perwoll we had no idea about that too. Now we know, that to avoid such situations, we can use special means for the gentle cycle. This category of products is only being developed on the Ukrainian market. Only 1 user of the target audience of 10 knows about the category of products for gentle cycle. The brand Perwoll decided to change this situation.

Therefore, the main task for us was to increase penetration of the washing gels Perwoll. We had to make a positive impact and create information overload in digital, which would help to draw the attention of the TA to the issue of the gentle cycle. And in such a way we wanted to develop the need for a brand product.

In addition, it was important for us:

  • To show the audience that Perwoll is the leader on the Ukrainian market in the category of detergents for the gentle cycle;
  • To engage the audience, teach them the right approach to laundry and to demonstrate how to take care for clothes properly.

In order to achieve the goals we set, one media campaign was not enough. We focused on an integrated approach.


We bet on the creative special project! It was based on the idea that clothing is not just a functional object, but also the thing that influences a person’s mood. Moreover, an owner can associate the piece of cloth to something or someone special and evoke memories about it, etc. And, as often happens: the awareness of the importance of something in our life comes only after its loss…

We created several stories, the main “heroes” of which were different wardrobe items. After all, clothes also have feelings! These heroes ran away from their owners, since they treated them badly. We provided for the offended sweaters, jackets and skirts the opportunity to speak out. While their owners got a chance to learn proper care for the wardrobe and return favorite… clothes (a dress, a skirt, a T-shirt, etc.)


In order to find out the reasons behind the escape of the clothes and learn how to take care of it, the user had to go to the site (it was made in the form of a long landing page). We posted on the site 7 stories about specific pieces of cloth (made out of the certain fabric types) and about the problems our “heroes” experienced because of the improper laundry. Among them are the color loss, spools, etc. In order to solve each of the problems, we suggested using the specific products – a gel for washing Perwoll.


We added training videos to each of the stories. There bloggers, who were some kind of mentors for users, talked about proper clothes care and pointed out which of the Perwoll washing gels suits best for certain fabric. Also we published on the site the video taken by the blogger popular in Ukraine Diana Gloster. There she talks about the gentle cycle in general. With the help of this video we introduced our project to the users.

Involvement of the bloggers in the project gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our audience how to use the product properly, allowed us to talk about the specific features of the gentle cycle. In order to be closer to the target audience, to have a common language with them, we chose the format of the simple video in a natural setting (without studio shooting). And it paid off.


Initially, we set the goal to get at least 100 thousand site visits. Such an amount have could allowed us to train a pretty big part of the target audience and could showed people an example of the use of the product. To achieve that we used bold creativity for banners and also traffic-generating promotion in the Internet media with the help of such tools:

  • Teaser ads on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Context and Google Display Network;
  • Package advertising RON Video Star Light Media and Admixer pause in video.

In addition, since the second week of the campaign, we had been using retargeting for the user base, gathered during the first week. Such a thing allowed us to increase the frequency of the interactions between ads and users and in case users visited the site before and left it without performing the “necessary” actions, to return them to the platform.
In order to set ourselves apart from the rest of the competing ads, we used images of the escaped clothes with big words, copy-appeals to users in our ads.


  1. We received about 2 million targeting at a frequency of 4+, 340 thousand clicks and about 4,8 thousand registrations. CPC campaign was less than 1 UAH.
  2. In all quantitative indicators, we exceeded the goal: by 52% more impressions, by 58% more target coverage, by 70% more clicks, by 74% more sessions on the site, and by 29% more registrations.
  3. Over the entire period of the campaign, we received 176 thousand sessions, among which 155 thousand are unique users. Each of them was paying attention to our materials for 2 minutes (on average).

Following the results of the promo, we made several important conclusions:

  1. Package advertising brings better traffic, while social networks bring conversions in registration.
  2. Almost half of the audience used mobile devices. This data proves that adaptive versions of sites are compulsory for any promo.
  3. Yes, creativity influences the effectiveness of the media campaign! In our case, it increased the CTR we planned by 18%. If to take a more fashionable package advertising the CTR was 50% higher than the planned one.
  4. Want to convince an audience of something, show the video!

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