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The media campaign for Oleina TM, Bunge Ukraine

nsg_Oleina_case_keyvisual_623-530THE OBJECTIVES OF THE AGENCY

In March 2017 we started to develop media strategy for the advertising campaign of the brand Oleina. The goal was to ensure maximum coverage among women from the age of 25 to 54, who are socially active or have family. We wanted to get a record number of full branded video views and differentiate the product in the eyes of consumers.


To get the objectives done we have used the following digital communication channels: YouTube, Google Display, Google Doubleclick, Group, 1 + 1 Media Group, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki social networks. Also we implied remarketing tools for all of the channels. Constant optimization of the settings allowed us to react flexibly and redistribute the advertising purchases into the channels that were more effective.



We analyzed the model of women’s behavior on the Internet and figured out the interests of our target audience. On the basis of the data obtained, the team formed a pool of media resources and channels, with content the target audience would be interested in.
In order to attain the goals we used Programmatic Video channels. Because of that idea, the involvement of the unique interests of the audience on the Internet became possible.
Through the use of retargeting, scripts were made for each channel:
“main video (45 sec.) –

brand video (15 sec.) “.

Such a scenario contributed to the successful visual consolidation of the product image and involved those who are interested in the description of the product line. Plus, we showed the video of the touching moments when Oleina could be used, which made the image of the brand more alive and tender.


User feedback in social networks and on Youtube showed that life stories about gratitude to women for daily care and love “touch” the audience even today. In combination with the high quality product, the campaign allowed the brand Oleina to boost consumer confidence.



According to the results of the media campaign lasting 4 weeks (spring 2017), thanks to regular and effective optimization of posting on the Internet, thanks to two-way communication «client-agency» and also thanks to advertising budget covered fully during the agreed period of the campaign, we managed to achieve the targets set for the campaign and some of them were surpassed.

  • over 3.6 million of full brand video views;
  • 36,21% — view through rate (VTR);
  • 2,4 million — overall reach of the pr campaign;
  • by 2 times the plan for targeted outreach exceeded;
  • over 280 thousand of stimulated visits (summarily, page, social media and YouTibe channel visits).

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