Managing digital

Communication platform for MamaGotovit, Tyoma TM


Gathering the target audience (mothers with children under three years of age) in one place and developing them into Tyoma TM loyal consumers (fermented dairy foods for children between six months and three years old).


Making mums’ lives easier by providing them with a service that will help them forget about child nutrition problems. Every mother wants to be sure that she feeds her child correctly, but it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the contradicting information concerning child nutrition.

This website is based on the recipe selection service. All recipes are made in accordance with WHO and Healthcare Ministry recommendations for all age categories, and are tested by paediatricians.

Recipes can be selected in accordance with:

– The child’s age.

– Available foods (with an interactive selection service).

подобрать рецепт

– Desired combination of ingredients.

– Dish type (soup, porridge, dessert, etc.).

– Eating time (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner). Personalised daily menus are also available for individual children (the menu is selected by a complex algorithm that excludes the foods already eaten that day and maintains the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates recommended for a particular age).

– Excluding foods that cause allergic reactions (by making a one-time selection of foods in your personal profile).


UGC: We know that mothers will be the primary users of this service and, on top of that, we know they enjoy sharing information. That’s why we implemented a UGC module on the website to allow users to post and share their recipes on the website. These recipes are not, however, tested by paediatricians!

The website’s other important section is Ask the Expert, where experts in child nutrition answer questions from users on the same day they were asked



Since one of the platform’s objectives upon creation was to increase consumption and boost loyalty, the website has a built-in CRM system. This gathers social and demographic information about users, as well as their consumer preferences, and regularly updates information about consumption of the brand’s products. This way we perform qualitative and quantitative analyses of the audience, and maintain systematic communication with various strands of our audience.


Brand’s manifestations

We always offer healthy foods from Tyoma TM (according to age-dependent consumption norms) as an additional food intake (second breakfast and afternoon snack). Tyoma also acts as an expert on a section of the website where mothers receive useful advice from Tyoma regarding child nutrition.

The brand regularly offers competitions on the website associated with the child’s nutrition subject. For example, recipe or appetising photograph contests, where winners are rewarded with branded products.


The website also presents product lines and infographics detailing the process of producing the brand’s foods.



Mama Gotovit with Tyoma represents a continuation of our communication strategy in social networks, performing the task of not only building dialogue and loyal communities through social networks, but also attracting new users to the website.


The interactive recipe selection service, quality of content and authoritative expertise in the sphere of child nutrition help to achieve high user loyalty. As shown below, the website has achieved an impressive average visit time, as well as positive user age indicators.

  • From May 2013 to May 2014:
  • Unique users: ~400,000
  • Returning users: 48.5%
  • Average visit time: 04:18 min/session
  • Page depth: 4.86 pages/session
  • Registrations: ~ 50,000
  • User recipes added: over 400


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