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Background of the project. We love hairstyles so mush!

  • As we know, successful could be a strategy of brand promotion, which is based on a profound understanding of society (the target audience in particular) and its needs. We are in the NSG are convinced that today's generation of users of social networks makes to look at branding tools in new ways.

  • The company Henkel Group agreed to strengthen the perception of the target audience of one of its beauty brands (Taft), as an authoritative and powerful in its niche due to which the user can always learn something new and be confident in the attractiveness of his image.
  • Earlier the agency has already developed more than one marketing campaign in social networks for promoting beauty-brand company Henkel. And one more such "challenge" was adopted by by us, as an opportunity to prove that our cooperation is not accidental, and that time can bring tangible, measurable and useful results!

Tasks of the Agency with the Prefix «BEAUTY»

  • To attract the attention of the female audience to the brand Taft and to create the association in consumers that brand is a friend and assistant, who always knows the answer to any question about hair care and styling.
  • To provide high levels of virality - to increase the number of users \ subscribers in social networks which not only familiarize with the content, but also distribute it, thus attracting a new audience.
  • To raise the user loyalty to the brand by creating an environment where the user gets valuable knowledge, practical skills and remains indifferent to the brand.

Creative solution without "Revolution in SMM»

  • By working with Henkel for more than a year now, we realize that the core of the audience of beauty brand Taft is new formation of members. Women who lead an active lifestyle, but even in the most critical situations of life (when you need to make a hairstyle for a date, or on the "party of the year") tend not be weighed upon such concerns, preferring virtual escapism
  • Nevertheless, they are open to everything new, and do not neglect any opportunity to save time, and to visit the stylist for "haircut" as well. They live in social networks, and their day begins with Facebook, continues the Instagram, where they receive approval in the form of "likes" and fans as 'friends' / subscribers.
  • No wonder that the process of obtaining new knowledge and skills in the system of values is just another "fan", which is the easiest to implement by gadgets and social networks. That is why the creation of educational beauty platform on the YouTube channel with a non-trivial name "STOP non-styling" - as well as possible consistent with the company's overall marketing strategy.
  • Why "STOP non-styling"? The name speaks for itself. It should be a platform that turns into a place where the user can always find answers to any questions about hair care and styling. Which helps users to understand the root cause of "no hair styling", to get the real power and the knowledge for the conscious approach to each step of creating hairstyles.

Our Youtube - heroes.
or why beauty-bloggers?

  • It's simple: we understand that people trust bloggers, they have a clear specialization and they talk with the audience in the same language. And bloggers with a large number of subscribers - it is not just people who were born "under a lucky star." They are able to work systematically, regularly, and their subscribers are, in fact, the consumers of goods and services.
  • That is why it was decided to promote the beauty brand, attracting the opinion leaders and establishing cooperation with them so that they also were the creators of the teaching-educational platform - channel "STOP non-styling".

Beauty-chanel – beauty-face!

To attract the attention of the audience to the channel, make them realize what it will be devoted to, we rented a posh video Trailer - movie, which is broadcasting on its main page. What is remarkable, this video has become a leitmotif for the creation a brand promo video trailer, which was broadcasted on television as part of the official sponsorship of Taft - the one of the most popular television shows of the country.

New Year Interactive.
Or Games Rule the World!

  • New Year time is the perfect time for effective brand promotion. In the era of entertainment content digital-projects for its promotion through the contest are gaining more and more popularity. It is the space of social networks, in which the brand is present, permits to integrate promotion strategy into a fascinating contest, to attract attention and increase credibility.
  • On this occasion and realizing individual needs and wishes of women, we suggested the customer to create not just a New Year's contest in social networks "for shares and likes", but really exciting "game in hairstyles" with the practical life hacking, which necessarily will be wanted to play and which will be wanted to share.
  • One of the most effective and interactive way to increase customer loyalty and attracting new audiences are game promotions and various quests. Thus was born the idea of creating an interactive video-quest, which was published on the YouTube channel "STOP non-styling".

What tasks we set ourselves

Involvement of the target
audience in an interactive

Creating a "the wow effect"
from the unusual promotional

Subscribe on the channel
and increase brand
recall Taft.

Learning to make hair ...

The whole algorithm of passage of interactive quest came down to a choice of tools for styling, hair styling products, view the lesson hairstyles, selection of accessories for the finished styling options.

... and win gifts!

  • Everybody likes entertainment. Everyone likes gifts. Taking this into account when developing the idea of a New Year's interactivity, we decided to use the extra motivation to the users by giving them the opportunity to win valuable and meaningful gifts as Certificates on a tour in Lviv, buy tickets to a concert or a romantic dinner on the roof.
  • The interactive promo caused unprecedented interest among users who had an opportunity not only to learn how to make attractive holiday hairstyle, but also to give himself an interesting New Year holidays. Thus, we have proved again that the involvement of the audience in the game is a handy technique that allows in original way to solve difficult problems.

Good results with minimal investments

Minimal media support has been used to promote the promo. Key instruments were:
• contextual and banner advertising on Google and its partner network;
• video ads on YouTube and packages AdMixer sites;
• Banner advertising packages on the AdMixer sites, Edipresse and Burda, but also teaser advertising and promotional advertising posts to Facebook.

The very same emphasis in the activation was on the viral effect that has attracted the organic traffic to the channel. Over 1 month of New Year promotional campaign managed to achieve these results:
+ 947 thousand people – the audience coverage.
74 900 thousand of views
1:11 the average duration of viewing

The results of Youtube-channel development:

155 000

a channel

35 000

each month


the average
of viewing

Find out the secret...

  • Readiness to share with subscribers with something useful, applicable in real life, giving them the chance to win something cool - is always bold plus in karma of the creators of such a platform (and the customer, too). :)
  • Building of emotional connection with users and their active involvement in the "life" and development of the brand through the launch of the channel on YouTube, has allowed to raise the importance and relevance of brand value to the user.
  • Today, the project "STOP non-styling" with a minimum initial investment in the media lives of their active life: daily video gain at least 6 000 views, and the cooperation with Ukraine TOP- bloggers not only to fill the new channel quality content, but is an everyday proof: with using video content, presenting in an unusual form, you can achieve impressive results in brand promotion.

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