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Words that warm you up, Raffaello TM


Bringing users into the brand’s world on the eve of Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day, as well as creating a clear mental link between romantic gifts and Raffaello.

Target audience: men and women aged between 20 and 30.


Raffaello gave users a wonderful opportunity to congratulate their loved ones with a unique virtual greeting card. The user could assemble a card from the available backgrounds and write a text, then share the card via social networks on their own or their partner’s wall. This way, we doubled the number of participants and achieved a viral effect, as the service was used by couples and not just individual participants.




Online voting was held weekly in order to determine the most romantic cards and the winners: this way, the contest managed to produce a large number of prizewinners. Even those that didn’t win a prize have truly enjoyed the scheme, this being proved by the high engagement rates and subsequent viral effect.

Results (for the 5-week period)

  • Number of visits: 211,030
  • Unique visitors: 149,118
  • Page views: 1,227,953
  • Page depth: 5.8
  • Average visit time: 04:54
  • Bounce rate: 16%
  • Number of participants: 20,709, creating 36,180 cards, including 9,141 contestants