Managing digital

Romantic Ukraine, Raffaello TM


  1. Boosting the brand’s food sales during an off-holiday season (summer).
  2. Supporting and strengthening the brand’s image in the romance area and creating a unique consumer experience when visiting the brand’s world.

Target audience: men and women aged between 20 and 30.


In its offline communication, the brand talks about ‘romance that has an address’. This message was followed-up with an online photo contest that helped determine Ukraine’s most romantic getaways. In addition to its traditional role in the romance market, the brand became a travel advisor and guide to the country’s most romantic places.


When adding a photo, users could mark the location on Google Maps and include a brief description explaining why that particular place deserved the title of ‘most romantic getaway’. In the end, we received a unique map which helped find a truly romantic place in every corner of Ukraine.


Results (for the six-week period)

  • Unique map and the list of Ukraine’s top 10 romantic gateways.
  • Number of visits: 97 527
  • Unique visitors: 70 162
  • Page views: 434 039
  • Page depth: 4.45
  • Average visit time: 04:25
  • Number of participants: 5 297
  • Number of photographs: 8 475