Managing digital

SMM Guideline, ТМ Raffaello


The development and implementation of standards for Raffaello’s brand presence on social media.


Creation of SMM guidelines for the brand. This involved a compilation of digital portraits that reflected the brand’s values, an emphasis on communication, an array of different communication rules, as well as rules for selecting and presenting textual and visual content. Also, the development of a number of rules regulating the brand’s presence on social networks.


The Raffaello SMM Guide consists of three main blocks:

  1. Copyright guide regulations:
  • Communication rules.
  • Heading concepts.
  • Content map and publication rules.
  1. Visual guide regulations:
  • Rules for selecting visual materials.
  • Templates for content visuals.
  • A product photo session.
  1. Engagement guide regulations:
  • Rules regarding the brand’s communication with the audience.
  • Content placement rules.
  • Rules concerning dialogue with users and responding to messages and questions.
  • Competition (with and without prizes), in order to improve the level of user interaction with the brand.

Two communities: Facebook, VKontakte

Number of subscribers: over 30,600.

Engagement level growth rate after implementation of the Raffaello SMM Guide: more than double.