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о.b.® Program of Confidence Boosting
with Ekaterina Vilkova

«30 Days of Confidence»

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Project history

What shall a brand do after having attained everything?

60 years of leadership

For instance, o.b.® - a brand that occupies 50% of the Russian
tampons market and has more than 60 years of world market leadership?

Nothing else but set ambitious goals and hit the target!

That is why we have been entrusted with the following task:


Represent o.b.® as a brand
with social mission: bring confidence to women and improve the quality of their lives.


When developing the project it was the methodology of startups creation that we used in addition to traditional promo format. After all, digital environment is not only a communication channel but also a space for establishment of long-term and close relations with customer.

up to 8 hours of protection

the feeling of freedom and completeness of life

help women become more self-confident

Every startup is based upon the idea of satisfying actual needs. We have thought over the value to be embedded in digital product and the way it shall express the mission of the brand and complement its communication strategy.

This is how the long-term coaching- service

«o.b.’s 30 Days of Confidence».

The project does not only handle communication tasks of conveying the brand’s emotional and rational advantages, but it also serves as a confirmation of the brand promise and generates real value – makes women more self-confident.

The Insight

When self-confident, women become more attractive for their entourage.

For 62% of women confidence is the main feature of their behavioral model*

*Data taken from Edelman international study


Program unique character

Since coaching is a very sophisticated process, the program structure and content were thought over in a very painstaking manner.






1. Scientific approach

Together with Yana Leikina, a professional psychologist, we singled out four indices of confidence and devised a test for its determination. A custom-made elaboration enhanced credibility towards the project - the participant could see the test to actually reveal their psychological type and the program to really aim to solving their problems, not being a mere blind for product promotion.

Further to test results the participants obtained their personalized programs of confidence for 30 days that contained four major stages: from learning and accepting one’s self up to personal growth and self-improvement.

2. Mechanics

Bringing visitors to a project site is easy. Making them register and return to the site every day during a month is a much more difficult task.

It was a prize fund with inbound mechanics that was used to encourage the participants to perform each task diligently and to extend the term of their interaction with brand product. In order to gain the prize the participants were to score points, and it was not only successful meeting of the challenge that was required. The process also involved sharing it in social networks, inviting friends, registering cash receipts with o.b.® product and so on.

Registration check on the site



Main prize

3. The program ambassador

It was a famous actress Ekaterina Vilkova who was chosen to act as a project ambassador. A professional gymnast in her young years, Ekaterina has managed to reverse her life having preferred the career of an actress over that of a sportsman. She was pleased to support the project, helping the participants to undergo the program.

«Confidence in any situation whatever
— this is what I choose!»

Ekaterina Vilkova, the actress

4. Emotional involvement

Among the instruments of emotional involvement there came a short video-reel featuring the actress. In this moving 2-minute video Ekaterina told about the importance of believing in oneself and about her way to confidence, and was inspiring the participants to passing the program.

watches on YouTube.

5. Professional experts

On their way to self-improvement the participants were assisted by experienced experts who had developed materials of the program and daily tasks for contestants.

User experience

At the stage of project logic elaboration we faced a challenging task: suiting a complicated program to a handy, practical and intuitive interface. After all, good usability is a cornerstone of every long-term project success. Thus we worked out project use scenarios and created detailed prototypes of every page.


Cross-platform UI

The “30 Days of Confidence” program website can be browsed on any type of device regardless definition and screen format


Ruby on Rails

Rails – A fully-featured multilevel framework for design of web-appliances that use databases.
Grounded upon Model-View-Controller
(MVC) architecture.


HTML5 – Fifth version of HTML-standard and markup language. The primary target of this standard is improvement of markup language for work with new multimedia elements and applications. HTML5 preserves programs’ user-friendly readability and processing for browsers.


HTML-layout suits perfectly for description of static documents but experiences some problems when trying to describe dynamic variables. AngularJS allows expansion of HTML syntax; as a result the code is easily supported, it becomes expressive and eadable.


This technology allows creation of pages that adapt themselves to any screen size – from mobile devices displays up to wide-screen monitors. In fact, site customization is done by means of layout compression and rearrangement pursuant to device width.


To commemorate the program launch we organized a press-conference held in The Sad restaurant. The conference was visited by journalists from popular women’s periodicals. The meeting was attended by program experts and Ekaterina Vilkova, and the evening was hosted by popular Russian actress Aurora.


of registered participants as of the program launch day.

Inspiring feedbacks

There have been655feedbacks from ladies’ already left on “30 Days of Confidence” website.

Integration of feedback mechanics shall allow
further improvement of the program.

Mariam Sargsyan

Hello everyone! My name is Mariam, I am 18. Since childhood I was a very plump kid and thus had all my complexes aggravating. Classmates used to call me names. For many years offensive nicknames and difficulties in choosing nice dresses were my best and only companions. I used to come running home, drowned in tears because of all the insults I heard, and my granny proceeded to feed me with chicken nuggets and fried potatoes saying her grand-daughter was the best and the prettiest girl of all. This went on for years. All pictures I posted to social networks were made down to breast so that all those who see me for the first time could not guess that in my 15 my weight was 74 kg. All my classmates had boyfriends, but I was of no interest to anyone. I was crying hard at the 9th grade senior prom because I hated the way I looked when compared to the rest of slim girls. That day I promised myself that when it comes to the 11th grade school leaving party I shall be the most beautiful and slender among them. And you know, I did manage to take a grip on myself. I spent 2 years working hard getting prepared for exams; I was eating healthy and went in for sport. By graduation party I had 49 kilos and had no problems in putting my S-size dress on. But alas – for some reason I did not manage to get rid of my complexes. I was fighting hard against myself but to no avail, until one day I came across the ad of o.b. “30 Days of Confidence” program. I registered on the website and started daily fulfillment of tasks. My initial feeling about the project was rather skeptical, but it was already after one week that I saw first results. I started better looking after myself, kept my posture, weighed my words and acts. I think I was getting better with every passing day, and even my friends and family noticed this. My diary of confidence where I had all the tips written down became more important than my favorite telephone that I never let go of. What I like most about the program is the way it helps boosting confidence in every aspect of our perception and life. Excellent tips have proved useful not only to me but also to my friends with whom I was sharing the things I was learning from our experts. It is rather difficult to single out one particular task because each of them has its specific value in the framework of this program, while the commentaries of Ekaterina Vilkova came as a particular zest and additional incentive to becoming better and holding the ground. I wish I could see her live since she has always been my inspiration in terms of naturalness and sophistication! But yes, I have my favorite task – the one called “Your appearance”. The core point of the job is to find benefits and drawbacks of one’s look. Owing to this task I understood that I have much more of benefits, while drawbacks can be easily turned into gains! Since I hold a studentship in Journalism I must love myself and my appearance, otherwise how can I work with people and stand in front of the camera? This is an awesome project that has helped several hundreds of girls and women throughout Russia become better, and I hope each of them shall in their turn share the secrets of confidence with their friends, colleagues and family members. If the mechanism of “six handshakes” works in respect of this program – and I am sure it shall! – it may safely be said that o.b. has made its tremendous contribution into refinement of fair sex! I hope that owing to our experts every girl has personally experienced the beauty of spiritual and physical changes! My family and my boyfriend say that I have become more self-confident and graceful, that I have changed indeed. I would like to thank the entire team for the enormous work done. Thank you all for a new me!

Принцесса Лея

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Project statistics

863 871

watches on YouTube

240 471

unique users

40 736

program participants


articles about the project

18 548

registries done with help of social networks shares


unique feedbacks


in weekly contest


cash-receipts with product


of daily contest

540 539

points scored
by all users

124 912

tasks performed


82 456

of weekly contests

9 678

of daily contests

Program impact

of participants are waiting for the program to continue
of participants were using o.b.® tampons during the program
of participants who did not try o.b.®, tampons before plan to buy them upon completion of the program

According to results of a poll held among all program participants.

Brand impact

A special study was conducted to evaluate the direct impact of digital campaign on  brand efficiency

+10 ppt

Tampons category review

+4 ppt

Intent to buy

+9 ppt

Recommend o.b. Pro Comfort

*TNS research, campaign evaluation through online­survey (F. age:18­35, 100К+) 

Ready for new challenges!

One project can change life – not only of thousands of women,
but that of a brand as well.

Are you ready for such results?
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