Managing digital

Light breakfast, Activia TM


Increasing consumption of the brand’s breakfast products.

Target audience: women aged between 18 and 35 with medium to higher incomes.


Engaging consumers in an educational game which conveys the ‘light breakfast’ concept


Game rules: the user has to make breakfast from the available range of foods. The ‘lighter’ the foods are, and the more Activia foods that are included, the better a player’s starting position is.

собрать завтрак

Having placed themselves in the starting position on the airfield, the user has to fly as high as possible by scrolling. Altitude is not limited, with users able to take a break after reaching a certain altitude, before scrolling can be resumed. Users will receive bonuses on their way up: information about objects located at particular altitudes (for example, the world’s tallest observation wheel (Singapore, 165m)), suggestions from the project’s hostess, Olha Freimut, and an opportunity to earn additional points by sharing the player’s altitude with friends or inviting them to play the game.


The game was ultimately played for the thematic super prize: a breakfast on board a VIP jet with hostess and TV celebrity, Olha Freimut.



  • Viral effect: 52%
  • 396 users have reached an altitude of over 300,000 meters
  • Unique users: 88,452
  • Page views: 487,160
  • Average visit time: 08:38

Every third participant has invited a friend to play the game!