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New Web Presence for Сhâteau Galicia Brand

Project Background

  • MHP Group owns the Ukraine-favorite brand Nasha Ryaba and is the only local company producing goose foie-gras to the international standards. In 2014, after undergoing successful certification, the company started exporting the famous specialty to international markets under Сhâteau Galicia brand.

  • Agency Task

    Сhâteau Galicia is an embodiment of MHP’s professional excellence and many years of experience. Our goal was to introduce the brand to international distributors and consumers in the most compelling way possible. On top of that, we had to persuade them that goose delicacies by Snyatymska Nova farm in Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains is in no way inferior to the produce by French, Bulgarian, or Hungarian farmers.


    We turned Сhâteau Galicia website into an exciting journey to the Snyatynska Nova farm allowing a visitor to explore all the benefits of Ukrainian production. By doing so, we wanted to help consumers from Europe and Middle East experience the quality of Сhâteau Galicia without the need to leave their offices or homes.

House of Goose Delicacies

European connoisseurs are used to the fact that foie-gras is produced by small farms rather than huge concerns, and its quality is defined by how well the poultry is cared about and not the industrial-grade production. Keeping that in mind, we created a website not about a plant, but about Château Galicia – an ideal farm build under the wing of the Europe’s leading poultry producer. This concept was brought to life using well-crafted design and engaging content.


Searching for a right design solution wasn’t easy. On one hand, we had to create a feeling of actually visiting the farm, which is a perfect place for breeding geese. On the other, we had to highlight premium nature of the famed delicacy.


After trying out several options, we decided to go with a design build around a play of textures: pure natural wood of the tables, elegant serving using white porcelain plates, and lush green of exquisite landscapes. Looking at them, you start to feel like you’re breathing in clear cool air, hear the birds singing while the sunrays are gently touching your skin.


Impressive photos of the dishes made of goose and foie-gras that visitors see on the website are the result of a many-hour two-day work by photographers and food stylists. Those are complemented by pencil drawings that tell about the farm and are reminiscent of human care and attention. That is, of the things that make Château Galicia products closer to European consumers.

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The whole site is a story where each page picks up where the previous one left off. First, the visitor learns about the location and structure of Snyatynska Nova farm. Then, we go on to tell about how the geese grow and are taken care of on each stage of their lives, about Château Galicia products and why being part of a huge concern is good for the farm. Here, every piece of information is where it needs to be, providing interesting and useful insight into the farm’s life and products.

Recipes Page

For those willing to experience the true taste of foie-gras and goose meat from Ukraine, we created a recipe book by Château Galicia’s chef. Juicy roasted goose for a holiday meal, tender foie-gras steaks – each recipe in the Recipe section of the website is accompanied by a delicious photo and a service advice by a professional food stylist.


Apart from being attractive, Château Galicia’s website had to be easy-to-use for the prospective clients, i. e. International buyers and distributors. For them, we added detailed descriptions for each product, as well as a way to arrange a meeting with the MHP representative during an upcoming trade event. When’s that? Go to the Events section for a calendar.

Technologies & Adaptability

The website is built using Responsive wireframe and looks well both on desktop computers and gadgets with smaller screens like tablets ot smartphones. Other technologies we used while building Château Galicia’s website: HTML 5, CSS3, BEM, Jade, Stylus, CoffeeScript, Parallax.

Our formula for a successful website!

Exciting story told using top-notch technologies

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Write Andrei Yaroshenko, Chief Executive Officer