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Ideal date, TM Raffaello


Enhancing the brand’s presence in the romance area and conveying the key message: ‘display your feelings with Raffaello’

Target audience: men and women aged between 20 and 30.


Where can somebody ‘display’ their most affectionate feelings if not on a romantic date? With this in mind, the solution was a contest to find the most romantic date photographs. Winners were determined every week, meaning that even those who learned about the contest after it was launched still had a great chance to win.

идеальное свидание

Editing images using light filters and other effects enabled users to show their creative abilities, producing a string of truly original photos.

идеальное свидание3

All photos were automatically placed inside Raffaello branded frames and distributed in branded form through social networks.

идеальное свидание2

Results (for the four-week period):

  • Number of visits: 343,191
  • Unique visitors: 233,313
  • Number of page views: 1,824,339
  • Page depth: 5.4
  • Average visit time: 03:45
  • Number of participants: 5,591