Managing digital

МамаNova, SMM for Philips Avent TM


The development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for Philips Avent’s brand presence on social networks.



The Philips Avent brand provides a platform for mums to communicate with each on, MamaNova, in which it tells about today’s trends in the world of motherhood and helps mums learn more about effective time management: how to find a balance between raising a child and working, while still finding time for yourself and your friends.


Implementation tools

  1. Content strategy aimed at the publication of relevant innovative content: trends, gadgets, advice. Each month is devoted to a certain subject that is discussed in detail and strengthened by thematic competitions.
  2. Online interviews with European mums and expert comments from Ukrainian mums.
  3. Regular competitions, with and without prizes.
  4. Constant interaction with community members: consultations from brand representatives, opportunities to socialise on the subject of motherhood.

Example of a competition without a prize

Objective: contributing to the subject of the week. In this case, Child Left with the Dad.

Mini competition: participants had to upload photos and leave a comment that described how father and son could spend some quality time together.

Period: one week

Competition results

Coverage: 17,800

Number of participants who uploaded unique emotional photographs (later used in the brand’s content): 233

Likes: 637

Comments: 325

Shares: 235


Four communities: Facebook, Іnstagram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki

Number of subscribers: over 7,800

Number of active participants constantly interacting with the brand: over 30%

Number of brand ambassadors, often posting videos and reviews of brand products: over 200