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Communication platform for Activia TM


Creating a channel of continuous communication with the target audience (women aged between 18 and 35 with medium and higher income) and boosting loyalty by conveying the brand’s emotional and rational advantages


Creating a long-term communication platform that would provide rational benefit to the user and at the same time be easily adaptable for regular promotional campaigns that affect the emotional element and sales.

We have selected the optimal area: feeling healthy, and to help women achieve real effect and receive real benefits we have created the useful service 14 Days of Slimness which incorporates motivational schemes and gamification. At the same time, all seasonal promotions are held on the basis of main platform using single user account.

We encourage the platform’s active participants to complete a detailed user profile form, thus making a detailed social and demographic picture of the target audience. Promotions help us gather information about consumption of the brand’s products (up to the changes in consumption over time), so that we can subsequently influence the user’s (users’) consumption via targeted e-mails or offers.

The brand’s prompt communication channels:
– changes on the homepage (promotional campaign announcements)
– brand’s news are transmitted into user’s personalized news feed

The 14 Days of Slimness is a gamified service that allows the user to receive, during two weeks, personified advices from experts in the fields associated with healthy feeling and ‘slimness’: nutritionists, fitness instructors, stylists. The program is devised on the basis of psychological test results and contains three daily advices and a mini test to assess the user’s progress.

программа легкости

The motivational elements include: interaction with other participants, ratings, points and badges, and also a possibility to exchange user’s points earned for guaranteed prizes


The following seasonal promotions are regularly held on the platform’s basis:
– one-page announcements
– digital activations


–  complex integrated BTL: digital mechanics using promo codes (see: Look great with Activia case)
виглядай чудово

Mobile app

The 14 Days of Lightness service is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. The app allows to complete the program and is easily adaptable for seasonal promotions, including entry of promo codes.



Total number of registered participants (May 2013 – May 2014): 78,000
Number of 14 Days of Lightness participants (May 2013 – May 2014): 31,300 (40% of registered participants)
Average website visit time: over 6 minutes
Number of returning users: over 55%
Mobile apps installed: over 3,000

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